Success Stories

The evaluation of our ZIWEP programs show that most of the women who have undergone trainings to date have benefited from it. A number of women have joined Zuri as sales agents for the hair-care products and have done considerably well through an extra income generated via commissions. One sales agent, who was surviving on 200 KES a day before completing the ZIWEP training, is now earning nearly 15,000 KES a month from selling products!

A number of women have also either opened new businesses since receiving the training, or have expanded their existing small ventures. The businesses include tailoring (uniforms, reusable sanitary napkins, masks, etc.), recycling/upcycling, catering and second-hand clothes.

Zuri has noticed an increased awareness among the women about the importance of having savings. 80% of the women we interviewed, from our initial intake in 2018 and 2019, mentioned that, as a result of the training they received from us, they have been able to plan better and save their money.

We have also noticed an increase in self-confidence and esteem among the women we have trained. The otherwise shy and timid women are now more confident and boosted as a result of completing ZIWEP.

One of the women from our program was so pleased with receiving a certificate that she booked a photographer and hired a gown to take pictures to hang in her house. She was proud of her achievement and wanted to set an example for her 3 young children that they too can achieve their goals despite any obstacles that they may face in life!