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Success Stories


"My introduction to Zuri has been a total blessing to me. I want to thank Zuri for the hard work and dedication

they have put to bring me and many other women this far. The ZIWEP trainings I received from Zuri have made me a better person. The selling of Zuri (hair-care) products and earning of commission has increased my income substantially. Not to mention the micro-credit project and financial literacy trainings that led me to start my own side business of selling potatoes and arrow roots. My business is doing so well that I am hoping to start an organic shop soon. With the extra income, I can give my children better education and nourishment. Once more, thank you for the wonderful work and opportunity you are giving women."


“I have been working as a primary school teacher for many years. I heard about the ZIWEP program as it was being held in one of our school classrooms. It was difficult for me to attend the course on all days, because of my teaching duties, but I decided to participate whenever I could. I must say I benefitted a lot from the course and from participating in the SoCCs activities. In my free time, I work as a sales agent for the Zuri hair-care products, and soon after graduating, I was earning on average 150 US$ a month from commission. I am very happy. In 2020, I earned nearly 4000 iSoCCs helping feed old people in a home, cleaning the neighborhood, volunteering, making masks and soap during Covid and distributing food. I redeemed my SoCCs for further courses and training, to obtain more products from Zuri and to buy a sewing machine with 3 other friends I made during the course. We want to start out own sewing business.”



“I only have a few years of schooling but have been working in a lab for many years where I have learnt a lot. During my lunch breaks, I decided to participate in the ZIWEP course as it was taking place next to my work-place. I have learnt a lot from ZIWEP and am very proud to have graduated and obtained a certificate. To show my 3 children how proud I am of my achievement, I decided to hire a gown and have my picture taken with the certificate. I wanted to set an example to my young children that they too can achieve their goals despite any obstacles that they may face in life! The picture will always hang on my wall”


„I live in Kibera and had been unemployed for many years. It was difficult for me to look after my 4 children. I heard about the ZIWEP initiative from the teachers at the school that my children attend. I was a very shy person but the training helped me a lot. I could attend class with my baby but there was no time for SoCCs activities. On completion of the course, I only worked as a sales agent for Zuri for a short time as, with the new confidence I had gained, I decided to start my own charcoal selling business.”


2019-04-09 08.22.26.jpg

Edith enrolled to participate in the ZIWEP initiative in 2019 whilst also working part-time as a beautician in Lavington. Apart from learning various new skills during the 14-week course, she joined Zuri as a sales agent for its hair-care products and now has an additional income from the commission she makes on the products she sells. With this extra income, she has been able to start a small side business which has further helped boost her financial stability.

“You could certainly say that I’ve never underestimated myself. There’s nothing wrong with being ambitious.”

Angela Merkel

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