Our Team


Claire Mwai

Junior Associate

Our quiet social media Guru, ready to help with all tasks and eager to learn!


Deepa Sohan

Director, Product Design

Compassionate, kind and caring. A visionary and pioneer in the beauty-care and now hair-care industry.

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Jacinta Ndolonga

Program Manager & Head of Field Operations

A very confident trainer, motivator to all women and always positive. Dedicated to making a difference.


Jazz Dhanjal

Director, Production

A Firebrand, a multi-tasker and an inspiring example of women in business.


Mayuri Odedra-Straub

Director, Partnerships

Incredibly generous, Mother Earth's advocate, a passionate environmentalist, with innovative talent in up-cycling.


Paciphic Wanyende

Sales & Marketing Associate

A determined sales and marketing person, out to make an impact.


Rhoda Mamati

Senior Program Associate

An articulate trainer and motivated sales person. A perfectionist at heart.

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Yusra Butt

Director, Advisory

A focused practitioner and visionary. Providing support and guidance to the team.