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Zuri Social Capital Credits Initiative (SoCCs)

Zuri has partnered with Asia Initiatives to use their well-established and tested concept of social capital credits (SoCCs). This innovative model of economic and social development tackles poverty issues while promoting sustainable development of communities.

Through The Zuri Trust, women will earn capital credits by doing “social good”. Social good in this case means the actions of the women which promote positive habits that are beneficial to society at large.


By undertaking a social deed, such as keeping the environment clean, sending their children to school or having them vaccinated, going for health check-ups and volunteering, women earn individual SoCCs or capital credits, called iSoCCs.


These credits can be redeemed for courses that Zuri (ZIWEP) or its partners offer, for personal needs, such as for example payment of school fees, books or uniforms for children, solar lamps, water filters or training on issues that empower women. The credits from a group of women can also be combined and used to acquire something “big”, such as a sewing machines or other items which can be shared by the community or group.


The earning of SoCCs by women in the community empowers and enables them to make decisions that impact themselves and their family. It also helps to build their confidence and to become active and engaged members of the community.




“If you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done, ask a woman.”
(Margaret Thatcher)

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