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The consumer market in Kenya has become increasingly aware of the importance of hair-care and personal grooming. There has also been a noticeable change in mindsets and focus on encouraging women with African hair texture to celebrate and confidently wear their natural hair.


This natural hair movement has been widely applauded and celebrated by personalities world over. It has become “cool” to have a natural look and to use natural products. This change in mindset has been spurred on by the increased use of online platforms for marketing such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, as well as noticeable increase in spending power amongst the middle class.


To match this increase in demand a number of hair salons and manufacturers have entered the market.

Nairobi is witnessing a rise in local manufacturers of natural hair care products.  Whose marketing is centered on the principle of ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ ingredients. Therefore, presenting the notion of a chemical free experience. There is an increased awareness amongst women about the harmful effects caused by chemicals used in relaxing one’s hair. Some of these products contain harmful ingredients which are carcinogens. 

The move towards natural hair care and avoiding too many chemicals has opened up a market for handmade, better quality products that utilize indigenous ingredients that were previously overlooked and are now trending such as shea butter, coconut oil and moringa.

In the next few years, Euromonitor predicts that there will be tremendous growth in the hair-care product market in Kenya, especially with rapid urbanization and a swelling middle class. People are now more conscious of the quality of products that they are consuming. This together with the need to find reasonably priced products that serve a more general purpose provides Zuri with an opportunity to supply the market with a good quality and value-for-money product.

“Behind every great woman... is another great woman."
(Kate Hodges)

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