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October 17th, 2021

“The steps to eradicating poverty” Written by Rebecca Atieno and Diana Wambui

International day for the eradication of poverty is especially important day for us, the Zuri Initiative (Zuri), as it is in line with our vision of creating a sustainable future in which women and communities are socially and economically empowered.

At Zuri, we believe access to information and opportunities is an important aspect to start the fight against poverty. Zuri is working towards improving the lives of women and communities in informal settlements, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic. We do this by offering and undertaking the following activities:

1. Zuri Initiative Women Empowerment Program (ZIWEP)

a. Tailor-made Trainings

The Zuri Initiative empowers women through training that is tailor made to fit the needs of different women. The training curriculum focuses on building the confidence of the women and encourages them to venture into entrepreneurship and improving their economic status. At least 50 women have gone through our ZIWEP program.

b. Sales Agents Concept

Once the women complete the ZIWEP program, they are given an opportunity to become sales agents for the Zuri hair-care products. The women get to keep up to 20-25% commission on the product sales and also gain sales and marketing skills that they can apply in other areas.

Zuri women participating in a ZIWEP training session in Amani Kibera

2. Social Capital Credits Concept

Zuri is using the Social Capital Credits (SoCCs) concept (by Asia Initiatives) to acknowledge the social good women undertake in their communities. We encourage women to undertake community clean-ups and recycling for which they are rewarded SoCC points. They can then redeem the earned points for items they need, use it to pay for the products or services that can help build their skill sets such as taking tailoring classes. The SoCCs activities are meant to bring positive changes and shift the mindset of the women to take charge of their communities.

Zuri Women taking tailoring classes using their SoCCs points

3. Vertical Gardening

In 2021, Zuri partnered with Asia Initiatives to encourage the concept of vertical gardening in the informal settlements where we work. This project is aimed at promoting food security whereby the women are able to harvest vegetables from their gardens and have something healthy for their family's consumption, or are able to earn an income from selling what they do not consume. This project has attracted 100 women participants in the areas of Lindi, Karanja and Kianda in Kibera, Nairobi County.

4. Recycling and Up-cycling

This project focuses on improving the environmental status of informal settlements. The participants earn points through engaging in proper separation of household waste, community clean-ups and tree planting activities. These participants redeem their points for:

  1. Up-cycling and recycling training

  2. Composting training using household organic waste

  3. A complete kit to assemble vertical sack gardens

The vertical gardening project established at Undugu and Karanja in Kibera

5. Creating employment opportunities

Zuri creates employment opportunities for their support staff, who work hand in hand with it to realise their vision of creating a sustainable future in which women are socially and economically empowered.

The achievements we’ve made so far have been entirely due to working hand in hand with our partners whom we share this common goal with.

If you would like to support or partner with us, please get in touch with us at

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